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ISO Audit Services: Internal Audit AMC, Suppliers Audit, VDA6.3 Internal Audit & Training, Automobile dealership Audit, Franchisee Audit, 5S Training & Consulting , Kaizen Training & Consulting


ISO Audit is basic terms means verify that the management system is in compliance with the relevant ISO standard. Check to ensure that the actions taken to meet the quality objectives of the organisation are suitable. An annual maintenance contract is an agreement with a service provider for repair and maintenance of property i.e. machines, printers used by your company. VDA stands for Verbandder Auto-mobil industries. VDA 6.3 defines a process-based audit standard for evaluating and improving controls in a manufacturing organization’s new product introduction and manufacturing processes. A supplier audit provides a comprehensive look at supply chain performance to identify winners and losers. Automobile Dealerships Audit issues our advisors help dealers to resolve is how to increase cash flow. A franchise audit works to engage franchisees in the process, helping them to accurately report information to the franchisor, keeping the correct equilibrium intact. The 5S system of visual management has improved organization and efficiency in many workplaces including manufacturing environments and offices. Kaizen training is developed in Japanese method which means continuous improvement for the better pursuit of perfection. All the above ISO Audits & trainings are conducted by highly qualified certified Auditors & tutors.

Our Core Services: Internal Audit AMC, Suppliers Audit, VDA6.3 Internal Audit & Training, Automobile dealership Audit, Franchisee Audit,5S Training & Consulting , Kaizen Training & Consulting

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ISO Internal Audit AMC- Annual Maintenance Contract

ISO Internal Audit AMC is one of the most important objectives of an internal quality audit is measuring the effectiveness of an organization's quality management system. For this to happen, executive management must first meet its overriding responsibility of establishing and maintaining a system regarding quality policy, goals, resources, processes and effective performance including monitoring and measuring the system's effectiveness and efficiency.

Stars Groups offers a comprehensive internal audit support package for organizations who do not have trained audit resources internally, Do not have the time available ,Are looking for independent and impartial audits, Are looking for value add audits and sustainability – focused on improvement

Our IRCA UK qualified auditors will prepare your internal audit program for you, undertake the required audits on your behalf and prepared detailed audit reports and non-conformity reports.

Our Auditors will also advise on system changes and improvements as follow-up on outstanding actions. An impressive 'certificate of ongoing surveillance' is issued to all organizations subscribing to our audit support package.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance Contract:

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Supplier Audits

Supplier audits is also known as vendor audits are frequently seen as an inconvenience. They may involve taking a valuable member of staff time to travel to the supplier carry out the audit and write the report. In addition to this, the person carrying out the audit must learn how to audit, complete the audit report and make recommendations.

Stars Groups are able to undertake comprehensive audits of your sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers across a wide range of disciplines including manufacturing, primary processing, engineering, project management, distribution /logistics, consultancy and training, health care and many others.

Our IRCA UK qualified auditors will undertake the required audits on your behalf and prepared detailed audit reports and non-conformity reports.


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VDA 6.3 Internal Audits & Training

VDA 6.3 is a process based audit standard to evaluate analyzes and enhances various controls in manufacturing Organisations and its processes. This standard is developed by the German Automotive industry.

VDA 6.3 is a specific part of the VDA family of documents. VDA 6.3 focuses on process audits for production parts and services, whereas

VDA 6.3 is a process audit so it is all about assessing the product life cycle. As with all standards and regulations, there is an increasing emphasis on identifying, assessing and managing risk. VDA 6.3 process audit, meanwhile, focuses on the performance of processes regarding industrial performance, product quality, and efficiency of the organization. It involves understanding the suppliers, managing change and a focus on customer requirements and satisfaction.

Using the process approach and the respective customer-specific requirements, this training teaches you the basics for VDA 6.3 process auditors. The introduction to the basics of process auditing includes general requirements, methods, principles, assessment scheme and risk analysis. Furthermore, the underlying questionnaire is explained according to the attributed process elements, so that through the process audit you can identify the respective risks and potentials along the supply chain. The training focuses on the following points using practical examples:

These training steps guide you through the basic requirements for process audits and enable integrated application in automotive industry. These basics are used to correct, stabilise and optimise processes, and are developed in the exercises and case examples. The aim is to assure a reliable assessment.

VDA 6.3 – Examination day for certified process auditor

The exam for VDA 6.3 process auditor is in two parts: a written and an oral exam. After passing the complete exam you will receive a VDA certificate, the auditor card, and the VDA QMC database entry.

Certificate and auditor card are valid for three years. A new certificate and a new auditor card are issued upon application if the prerequisites mentioned above are fulfilled

VDA 6.3 Training can be attended by:

Entrepreneurs, Industries, Technical Project Managers, BE-Graduates & Technical Students VDA 6.3 process audits in their internal organisation or in the supply chain (externally). Furthermore, this training also addresses external auditors (assigned as service providers).

Issue of certificate

VDA 6.3 certificate will be issued after clearing the theory & Practical exams. VDA 6.3 certification will be issued with the registered number and with the VDA 6.3 auditors ID card.

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Automobile dealership Audit

Automobile Dealerships Audit, if you are in certain retail businesses, industry specific audit procedures may be performed by the IRS in addition to the standard procedures performed during an audit of all retail businesses. Below are industry audit procedures performed for audits of used automobile dealerships.

We have solutions to help your dealership run smoother.

The advisors understand that auto dealerships face unique challenges each day. One of the most common issues our advisors help dealers to resolve is how to increase cash flow. Many businesses in the auto industry struggle to balance the high cost of maintaining appropriate levels inventory with low influxes of capital.

Auto Dealership Accounting Solutions:

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Franchise Audit

A franchise audit works to engage franchisees in the process, helping them to accurately report information to the franchisor, keeping the correct equilibrium intact. Security checks – stock, staff, money. In your franchise agreement, you may have standards for keeping the security of stock, staff and money tight. Our franchise audit service helps franchisors and multi-site franchisee operators check that sites comply with and maintain brand, hygiene and operational standards.

Franchise Audits include:

Our franchise audit solution validates whether agreed standards and benchmarks relating to your business’ brand, finances/royalties and operational compliance are being met. Every franchise business also has to adhere to a strong level of compliance from a number of external agencies who enforce legislation. Our franchise audit services draw from a range of compliance areas to help protect and prepare your business for these legislative requirements. From risk assessments

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5s Consulting & Training

5s training is the knowledge of removing waste in any procedures is a premium business skill. The workplace organization and incessant development system of 5S forms the foundation of all waste removal and operational brilliance practices and lean improvement activities.

5S Certification may be as informal as making your own award when your workplace first passes its internal 5S Audit, but it is an important component in having a complete and successful 5S environment.

The purpose of performing 5S Certification is to visibly demonstrate both development and compliance. This is especially important to make improvements in a large workplace with many employees.

Implementing 5S Equals Improved Safety


Our approach to train on 5S is based on an Action Learning Model. This model combines offline instruction with real-time project implementation and training. The course-training syllabus of 5S is designed to achieve real time Improvements, Cost reduction, Quality improvements in Processes and the duration of the course is 2 days with Certifications. A keen interest to implement performance improvements in workplace, drive a performance oriented culture in professional and personal life.

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Kaizen Consulting & training

Kaizen Training and Philosophy, Developed in Japan Kaizen business philosophy involves promoting constant improvement by monitoring business processes and making ongoing adjustments. Kai means change and Zen means for the better i.e. Kaizen is an unending pursuit of perfection. The term is taken from two Japanese words that literally mean “good change.”

Generally, a business needs continuous improvements to be able to meet and exceed customer’s expectations. This is where kaizen comes in. Kaizen offers a scientific approach to continuous improvements. In addition, it employs statistical tools and incorporates business values to improvements. Furthermore, kaizen is based on the theory that a series of small improvements can cause a drastic change in business processes. Thus, kaizen encourages the input and creativity of employees in implementing changes. It is beneficial to the participant owing to very practical and result in the oriented training curriculum As a result, employees are always open to changes as a part of improvement.

Kaizen Advantages

Kaizen is a method of continuous improvement that helps to eliminate waste and defects in a business process. Despite the fact that it is beneficial to a business, it is also beneficial to employees and customers as well. However, it is important for business managers to understand kaizen advantages and disadvantages before choosing to implement it.

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